Forsyth TV

on the all new Forsyth TV Streaming Service

Forsyth TV is a new streaming service designed for Forsyth CableNet to allow our customers to stream their favorite TV shows and movies from an array of cable channels. To make the transition to streaming TV easier for customers, Forsyth CableNet can provide smart devices with the application pre-loaded and ready for use. Forsyth TV Streaming Service will also be accessible through an app on Amazon, Apple, Android, or Google devices.

Customers can enjoy features such as DVR to record shows and movies, Replay TV to rewind live shows up to 72 hours, and Personalization such as recommendations, favorites, and watch history.

Access to the Forsyth TV app is as simple as downloading the app on your device and logging into the app. Customers will receive an email from Forsyth CableNet TV Services to set up their account and create a password. For assistance in this process, please call (478) 847-4111.

Use the guides below to assist you in setting up your device and accounts:

Apple TV

Amazon FireStick


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*A Forsyth CableNet monthly internet plan and monthly TV plan are required to access the Forsyth CableNet TV application